Akasha - Healer & Clairvoyant


About Akasha

Having come into this world with a gift to heal and see, Akasha has spent her life walking with a foot in both worlds, the seen and unseen.  While staying very grounded and connected with the earth energies, she is able to bring back knowledge from other realms to incorporate it into her everyday life.  Years ago she made a commitment to spirit to serve.  She has opened herself to be led to the places and people who are in need of her help.

Akasha doing ceremony
In Ceremony

With compassion and love, Akasha travels into the spaces to shift the matrix when it is needed.  As Akasha enters into the place of wisdom where she can see and share what she is exposed to, her guidance surpasses that of simple knowledge.

Akasha travels extensively, teaching others how to work with themselves, move into their power, and take responsibility for how events affect them. 

Akasha’s abilities as a medical intuitive, inter dimensional healer, medium and spiritual teacher are phenomenal. The depth of her spiritual work transforms lives and results in profound spiritual, emotional and physical healing. 

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She has a natural ability to go into the core of a person. From there she can shift the energy patterns, bringing about a sense of balance, flow and wellness. In addition, she sees others attachments  and releases those that need releasing.

Akasha has obtained great results from her work For many years, she has worked side by side with traditional and alternative medical practitioners. She has been referred to as a shaman and medical intuit. Her unique style of traveling the dimensions and time leave no doubt in one’s mind that she has a true gift.

I cannot imagine a world without Akasha. She is a dear friend, a spiritual counselor and one of the most gifted healers that I've ever encountered. With gentle kindness and frank honesty regarding what she sees, Akasha is able to pinpoint areas of weakness in the energy field and then actually work to repair and rebuild a client's matrix. I personally have witnessed and experienced an incredible and rapid healing of serious conditions after work by Akasha. She does her work on an etheric level and is often able to anrticipate the onset of disease before it is detected by traditional medicine...

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