Akasha - Healer & Clairvoyant


Interdimensional Healing

Interdimensional healing works with physical, emotional, mental and spiritual ailments. There are no limits to what can be accessed. It removes physical pain, eases emotional trauma, clears mental chaos and opens the connection to spirit on a greater level.

Meditating along the Youghiogheny River

While Akasha is in trance she travels to your core to open the passageways through your space and unwind and remove anything that blocks the harmonic flow of your soul signature.  Transcending through layers and lifetimes of transmuted energy, the releases come from the core of your being.  Interdimensional healing lightens the molecular structure of your body, allowing the vibrational frequency to heighten.  It connects with the universe and earth to ground your spirit body into your physical body.  You connect more clearly with your guides and angels.  As Akasha opens the channels of your knowing to come through clearly, you are flooded with an overwhelming sense of harmony that awakens a profound sense of well-being. This work can be done hands on or remote.


Akasha‘s natural ability to see and commune with spirits, as well as interact with the universal energies, combined with years of experience, allows her to bring to your attention patterns that need to be shifted to bring about balance and well being in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. 

Working with the Earth

In doing so she opens a higher level of understanding that brings peace to chaotic situations in your life. 

Akasha’s natural gift to take you on a journey deep inside will touch you on a soul level.  Her readings open doors to inner knowledge, awaken awareness, and bring enlightenment to your emotional reactions and certain life patterns. They reveal your past and present life connections, open your awareness to your higher self and guides, uncover blocked and non-vibrating areas of your body, and bring illumination and clarity so that your decisions in your life can be made more easily. 

Throughout the years of my knowing Akasha, there is no one that I trust more with my soul work or my psychological work than her. Akasha has helped me through my darkest night, my incessant questionings, and my most joyful moments.  Her truth, integrity, love and unending patience with me has given me the tools to use to rise higher . . .

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Akasha is the most gifted healer I know.  She has precise viewing skills for "seeing" into the problems of a person and an electromagnetic ability imbued with great love to heal with the help of Spirit and the willingness of the client.  She has been a superb teacher . . .

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Akasha has been in my life for about 2 years thanks to my naturopath recommending I see her when she came to Los Angeles for a brief tour. She made time to see me quite a bit, and thus began her part in my healing. Since then, I have seen and worked with her, and although I would like to claim that I have always been consistent, she has been the one to keep me on track. Akasha heals me in person, over the phone, and remotely when we set up a time when she will work. Although at first the idea of remote healing didn't seem possible, I have seen the results...

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Please call Akasha directly to schedule and purchase a healing session or on-line reading. All Services are on a sliding scale $250 to $500 per hour

Gift Certificates

Give the gift of healing or a reading to that special person in your life! Please contact Akasha to purchase a gift certificate.